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Hidden Siding fasteners

Create a fastener free, stable surface for any hardwood siding application.
Crafted from solid stainless steel, DeckWise Hidden Siding Fasteners create a sleek and upscale look. The entire system is designed to significantly reduce cupping, twisting, and mold growth due to water penetration. Perfect for both residential and commercial applications, the DeckWise Hidden Siding Fastener system works with most hardwood siding profiles.The Deckwise Hidden Siding Fastener is extremely versatile and may be used to install ship lap siding vertically, horizontally, or at an angle however, it has been designed for a 5/4" (Actual Dimension 1 1⁄16") thick board, and is not adaptable to a thinner siding product.

Deckwise Hidden Siding Fastener Kit contains:

- Starter Clips.
- Siding Clips (See below for amounts).
- DeckWise #8x2" (#8 x 5,08cm)
- Stainless Steel Screws.
- T-15 Driver Tips.

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