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Kitchen Accessories

Bennett Crone offers you an extensive collection of kitchen accessories that will bring your projects to live. The hardware on your cabinets and drawers you choose will transform the entire feel of a space. We think of your cabinet hardware like an accessory to an outfit, which will take the look to a different level just by swapping out one tiny detail. Whether you're adding new kitchen hardware, or updating furniture hardware Bennett Crone is here to help! There are more than one different styles, finishes and materials to combine and achieve any look you like! Which one is right for you? 

Closet Accessories

At Bennett Crone you can find a wide selection of closet accessories that will give you an organization system with the ideal structure to hide or highlight your belongings and wardrobe as you wish. This will help you create your closet space with custom shelving, racks and rods to keep each item in perfect order. Choose from a variety of elegant finishes, colors and hardware accessories to make your closet system not only an efficient use of storage, but beautiful as well.

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