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BauBuche Panel & Panel X

BauBuche is a laminated veneer lumber made from locally European sourced beech manufactured exclusively by Pollmeier. BauBuche is produced in a completely new, yet highly economical process. Peeled veneer layers of 3 mm in thickness are parallel- or cross-laminated and turned into beams, boards, panels and flooring elements.

BauBuche Panel is suitable for:

- Table-tops

- Sturdy work surfaces

- Ceiling and wall cladding

- Stairs

- Elegant wood flooring

Panel X available by special order only.

  • BauBuche can be used for a variety of applications in timber construction, interior design, furniture and flooring.

  • BauBuche creates new possibilities for laminated veneer lumber with top-quality aesthetics and unmatched strength.

  • BauBuche is distinguished by its precise 3.0 mm veneer layer composition and exceptional surface quality.

  • BauBuche is as easy to use as solid wood, and is ideal for visible construction elements.

  • BauBuche is price-competitive through efficient manufacturing and economical use of materials.

  • BauBuche uses local European raw materials from sustainable forests with PEFC certification.

  • BauBuche is good for the environment and good for people because the trees from which it is obtained produce oxygen and store CO2.

  • By applying precision technology, BauBuche preserves the morphology and strength of the natural wood.

  • Stocking dimensions Widths: 26.77”  Lengths: 9.84’ & 13.12’

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