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Deck Tile Systems
Hardwood Deck Tiles

Why WiseTile Hardwood Deck Tiles ? They simply just snap in place, precisely, accurately and securely over virtually any hard surface... ready to enjoy inside a matter of hours, certainly not days. Simply make sure the location is pitched for sufficient water runoff. We regularly advocate that you consult with a certified contractor and local building department prior to beginning any project, though. 

Deck Tile Connectors

With the DeckWise Deck Tile Connectors, you never have to worry about loose or uneven gaps between tiles. The DeckWise engineers surveyed deck tile installers to ask what they wanted to see in a deck tile fastening system. Their input gave us the fuel we needed to design and engineer the easiest way to install wood - backed hardwood decking tiles.

Deck Tile Trim

Give deck tile installations a clean, finished look when transitioning to flooring surfaces. Installing hardwood deck tile trim boards will provide a beautiful finished look to any deck tile edge.Easy to install at the same time deck tiles are laid, or come back later to finish the edges. Our unique manufacturing process virtually eliminates warping, cracking, and cupping.Deck tile applications demand a durable edge and with this Eased Edge, it is perfect for a gradual decline which allows for smooth transitions.  

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