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Hickory is an exceptionally strong, dense and durable Specie of hardwood, found growing throughout the United States. Hickory features white sapwood and contrasting pink to brown heartwood, often giving it a 'calico' appearance prized by woodworkers and designers. Not to be overlooked, Hickory-smoke also provides the best-tasting barbecues known to mankind.

Other Common Names: Latin name, Carya glabra 

Sourcing Region: United States

Color, Pattern, Texture: The hickory sapwood is white, tinged with brown, while the heartwood is pale to reddish brown. Hickory has coarse texture and usually straight grain, but can be wavy or irregular.

Common Uses and Applications: Furniture, doors, architectural millwork and moulding, kitchen cabinets, paneling, flooring, tool handles, cooking (Barbecues!)  

Working Properties: Usually worked through machining, nailing, screwing, gluing, finishing


Hickory Select and Better

This grade is virtually the same as F1F except for the minimum board size required. Select & Better grade is generally associated with the northern regions of the USA and is also shipped in combination with the FAS grade. Often export shipments of upper grades are simply referred to as FAS. The conventional business practice for American hardwoods is to ship these upper grades in some combination.

Working closely with the supplier will enable the buyer to be sure that the expected quality will be received. Whether FAS is combined with ‘F1F’ or ‘Selects’ every board in the shipment must have a minimum of one FAS face. We grade after drying and surfacing, and against all natural drying or surfacing defects (pin knot no defect).

Grades: Select & Better
Length and Width: minimum of 6’ & or longer; more lengths upon request - Widths from 4” and wider

Hickory #2 Com

Hickory #2 Com is designed to yield shorter cuttings with the best face yielding a minimum of 50% clear-face cuttings with sound backs.

We grade after drying and surfacing, and against all natural drying or surfacing defects (pin knot no defect).

Applications: Panels, drawer fronts, picture frames, small specialty items, and rustic/knotty applications
Grades: #2 Com
Length and Width: Hickory #2 Com has a minimum cutting size of 3” x 2’


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