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Whether you are a first time builder, an architect, a contractor, designer, DIY homeowner, or even a home renter, DeckWise Hardwood Deck Tile Connectors offer a quick and easy way to construct semi-permanent decking or renovate any outdoor living space.

Modular decking such as our WiseTile Hardwood Deck Tiles, are manufactured in 20 x 20 inch (51 x 51 cm) squares or 24 x 24 inch (61 x 61 cm) squares and 4 different exotic wood species. Deck tiles are perfect for restaurants, rooftops, patios and bar establishments. Basically, any area that space is limited or where permanent decking cannot be built. 


Connecting-deck tiles securely is essential and so is water drainage. Our Deck Tile Connectors are molded of polyethylene plastic and feature integrated 3/16" gap spacers to automatically set the perfect tile spacing. A pre-fabricated countersunk hole guarantees the securing of connectors to foundations when using trusted and proper fastening methods.


Each connector can effortlessly be installed on most solid surfaces such as pre - existing wooden decks, rooftops or concrete slabs. That is, provided the surface is as even and smooth as possible.Each connector elevates hardwood deck tiles up off the installation surface for proper water drainage in addition.

WiseTile Deck Tiles are pre-drilled to receive our tile connectors easily attaching them together. Each connector comes with 4 ribbed pine tree clips already inserted for quickly snapping into tile fastener holes. Every connector also comes with 4 molded score lines for easily cutting and trimming around decking edges, corners or any specific installation space need.

Preset 3/16 " gap spacing for an even looking surface

With the DeckWise Deck Tile Connectors, you never have to worry about loose or uneven gaps between tiles. The DeckWise engineers surveyed deck tile installers to ask what they wanted to see in a deck tile fastening system. Their input gave us the fuel we needed to design and engineer the easiest way to install wood - backed hardwood decking tiles.

Deck Tile Connector system benefits include :

- Corner pins secure tile placement.
- Elevates the deck tile from the wet subsurface to help prevent wood rot.
- Chemical & UV resistant polyethylene.
- Pre-drilled countersunk holes for easy fastening into a concrete slab or existing wooden deck.
- Preset gap spacing for an even looking surface.
- Can be divided into halves or quarters easily with hand tools using the pre-molded score lines.
- Center drain hole provides improved drainage for water runoff to prevent pooling in the corners.
- Matte texture provides better appearance between gaps.

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