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WiseTile Hardwood Deck Tile Whatever your need is, you’ve come to the right place ! Are you a D.I.Y. homeowner ? A contractor, architect, or a renter longing for a hardwood deck but it’s just not easy to build a deck in space you have available? Maybe you just need to cover up that old deck and are tired of re-staining it every year ? Maybe your renovation project needs that one extra detail to really push it over the top !The DeckWise WiseTile Hardwood Deck Tile System can be tailor - made to any particular need or application. Deck tiles are perfect for creating beautiful semi-permanent hardwood decks on worn-out decks, concrete slabs, rooftops, patios, bar establishments and restaurants. Basically, any area where building a traditional deck is limited by space or where permanent decking is not possible. 

Why WiseTile Hardwood Deck Tiles ? They simply just snap in place, precisely, accurately and securely over virtually any hard surface... ready to enjoy inside a matter of hours, certainly not days. Simply make sure the location is pitched for sufficient water runoff. We regularly advocate that you consult with a certified contractor and local building department prior to beginning any project, though. 

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