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Bennett Crone Lumber & Plywood Inc. was created on December, 2001, in San Diego CA. by Bennett and Crone family originating Wisconsin US. Certainly merge with the looks of their product in Mexico. Bennett Hardwoods Inc. in conjunction with Crone Lumber Co. sought to expand its customer base by taking advantage of the Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the maquiladora program at the US border with Mexico serving as a supplier of raw material in the industry timber for the entire border region.

Currently Bennett Crone Lumber & Plywood,Inc.  has an extensive line of various suppliers and mills of international renown that meets the expectations of quality and competitiveness in prices. Also carries a strict selection control mills to ensure the graduation of the different species of wood.

Bennett Crone Lumber and Plywood, Inc. opens its doors to all kinds of retail, wholesalers, re-sellers and end users customers. 

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Bennett Hardwoods Inc.

More than 3 million BF of hardwoods in inventory.11 ovens (kiln dry) with a total capacity of 600,000 bf per charge. An office for buying and selling to the general public, located in Wausau, WI.

Crone Lumber Co.

Sawmill (rift) 4 oven (kiln dry) with a capacity of 175,000 bf. of wood. It has a variety of species veneer logs and boards.

Wieland & Son's co.

Sawmill (qtr & rift), 7 ovens (kiln dry), 4 air drying areas (air dry). Extensive diversity of species.

Located in Winthrop, Iowa

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