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Veneers are available in a variety of wood species, both domestic and imported. Composite panels, like particleboard and MDF, are the preferred substrate for veneers due to their superior surface qualities of being flat, smooth, uniform, dense, free of knots, and its grain patterns. In addition, their dimensional stability, strength properties and cost advantages further increase the advantages of using these substrates.

Wood veneers have become thinner as the technology to process them has improved. The veneers are thinly sliced between 1/50” to 1/25” (0.51 to 1.0 mm) and are available plain, with a paper, or fleece backer that have varying degrees of flexibility. The backers provide stability and strength to the veneer and minimize splintering, cracking and checking.

We offer a variety of species: 
Common Uses: Edge Banding, ready to assemble furniture, cabinetry, furniture, store fixtures, case goods, high quality furniture

We offer a variety of species:

Ash, Afromosia, Birdseye, Walnut, Aromatic, Macassar Ebony, Lacewood, Olive Ash, Wenge, Zebrawood, VG Doug Fir, Maple Burl

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