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Ipe is an extreme wood; extremely dense and durable! Its incredible hardness and strength makes it well suited for flooring applications.

Other Common Names: Brazilian Walnut, Lapacho, Handroanthus
Sourcing Region: Central and South America
Color, Pattern, Texture: Varies from a reddish brown to a more yellowish olive brown or darker blackish brown; sometimes contrasting darker brown/black stripes
Common Uses and Applications: Interior and exterior projects; such as flooring, decking, exterior lumber, veneer, tool handles, and more 
Working Properties: Ipe is a difficult wood to work with, extremely hard and dense, but a large cutting resistance during sawing. Ipe tends to have a pronounced blunting effect on cutting edges, but the wood generally planes smoothly. Also, Ipe can be difficult to glue properly, we recommend surface preparation prior to gluing. At Bennett Crone we offer a wide selection of Amana Tools to help you work with hardwoods. 
How to care for it: We offer a wide selection of products to care for your projects, visit our ‘Decking’ section. To learn more please contact our specialists by phone 619.661.0667 or email us!

Product Specifications: 
Grades: Select & Better 
Length and Width: 6’ and longer – 4” and wider
Density: Janka Hardness 3,510 (The denser a wood is, the harder, stronger, and more durable. Most hardwoods have a  higher density than most softwoods)
Weight: 5.9lbs/BF
Odor: Ipe has a mild scent while being worked. 




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