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European Beech

Beech is widely-used in Europe due to its hardness, wear-resistance, strength, and excellent bending capabilities.  

Other Common Names: Fagus Slyvatica

Sourcing Region: Europe

Color, Pattern, Texture: Pale cream in color, sometimes with a pink or brown hue; with a straight grain and medium, uniform texture

Common Uses and Applications: European Beech can be used for your interior projects; such as furniture, cabinetry, flooring, turning, and millwork

Working Properties: European Beech has good working conditions, glues and finishes well. It responds superbly to steam-bending, and tends to have  a large amount of movement in service. For this, we offer a wide selection of Amana tools to help you work with hardwoods such as European Beech

How to care for it: We offer a wide selection of products to care for your projects, visit our ‘Decking’ section. To learn more please contact our specialists by phone 619.661.0667 or email us!

Product Specifications:

Grades: Select & Better
Length and Width: 6’ and longer - 4” and wider
Density: Janka Hardness 1,450 (The denser a wood is, the harder, stronger, and more durable. Most hardwoods have a  higher density than most softwoods)
Weight: 4.2lbs/BF



Quarter Sawn


Quarter Sawn

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