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At Bennett Crone, we offer you a large selection of bamboo flooring. Is a great option for your projects as is an elegant and eco-friendly alternative to traditional hardwood floors. Simply installing a bamboo floor can transform any room from outdated or boring to stylish and chic with the added value of helping the environment. 

Bamboo Facts:
- Strand woven bamboo flooring is the hardest type of wood flooring on the market, which makes it an incredible value.
- The species used for bamboo flooring is Moso, which is not on the menu for pandas.
- Bamboo flooring is less susceptible to water damage than most traditional hardwood floors, but it’s still susceptible. All liquids should be cleaned and dried as quickly as possible.
- Bamboo is not graded, bamboo flooring companies vary in the raw materials, milling, and finish they use in their products. Check the sides of the samples for large holes, and scratch the finish. Thicker planks are more stable.

Advantages of Bamboo:
Considering its significant advantages such as ease of bamboo floor care, rapid renewability, insect resistance, moisture resistance, dimensional stability, durability, and price, this flooring is by and large still the design industry’s best kept secret. 

Bamboo Flooring Types:
Bamboo flooring comes in a wide variety of styles and colors, with wide distinctions among grains, finishes, and colors. Many companies carry stock stains on bamboo and a few companies will let you special order any color you want.

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